Coaching Philosophy

The development of a soccer player starts at a young age. A coach's patience and emotional energy are key to molding young talent. It is extremely difficult to develop and stay highly competitive. Texas Football Club has found that "gray" area between high competition and development. Each team and player are evaluated and given short and long term goals.

The short term goals consist of basic physical skills such as trapping, passing, shooting, dribbling, offensive and defensive strategies. At this stage, the players are between the ages of 10 - 14 years old. The goal is to build skills, establish chemistry on the team and prepare them for setting long term goals.

Texas Football Club's long term goals are what make our club unique. As each team comes up from the recreational level, there is a core group that is established. When the tryout period begins, coaches realize the development of the group and there is little or no change to the team. The coach must have a keen eye to recognize potential in a player. An emotional dedication from the coach creates a long term relationship with the players and the team. Through this, the coaches aim for results not immediately, but when exposure counts during the ages of 15 - 18 years old.

Texas Football Club's Future accomplishments will come from total coach commitment to the player and an open door policy for the parents. In return, the club asks the following from players and parents:

To be prepared for all training and matches. Attending all functions is crucial for team development. Trainings are prepared to take the player through an incredible journey of discipline, hard work, tactics, and enjoyment of the game. This same hard work and commitment has numerous accolades accumulated from our coaches including European Division I level, professional and college national championships, ODP national pool, full college scholarships, college and high school All American status and high school national rankings.

Texas Football Club chooses to be a highly competitive club, giving opportunities to players that have potential but are unable to attend or afford to play. Through sponsorships and fund raisers, the club is able to help fund players through the year.

Programs have been implemented to cater to each player's abilities. Texas Football Club has what is called the "elite" training, where 2 players, chosen by their coach, will attend the age group one year older scheduled weeks at a time. There are also required goal keeper trainings scheduled throughout the year with the club goal keeper coach. These separate workouts improve self-confidence and better decision making in goal. Olympic Development Programs are encouraged and are recommended for player exposure. Referee clinics are also recommended for players who have extra time, so that they will gain a stronger respect for refereeing and to observe younger players matches as a linesman.

For team enhancement, Texas Football Club has their own camps for preparation before tryouts. Camps are a minimum of one week. European tours are scheduled every  year during the summer, in order to expose the players not only to watching international soccer live, but to play it against top clubs. These trips last 2-3 weeks long and usually include such countries as France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, England, Wales and Czech Republic. Another criteria that is required for the players is to wear the same training gear during practice. This shows pride in the club and gives the players a sense of professionalism.

Texas Football Club's long term goals for the entire club involve a minimum of a 1, 2 and 3-year forecast. Each year, the club will add a minimum of 1 boys and 1 girls team, as they graduate from the recreational level. Texas Football Club plans on growing at this pace from a quality standpoint and not quantity. Future teams are evaluated not only by performance, but also how well the coach has developed the team. Texas Football Club will consider teams that meet the club's criteria and possibly fill the age levels that are not represented in the club. The teams that begin under 16, under 17 and under 18 level will be a part of what the Club calls "college showcase". These teams will be involved in tournaments around the country that expose them to college scouts and coaches. The club will provide a profile of each player in a brochure and CD ROM that will be give an overview of the player's academic and athletic accomplishments, along with address, photo and what number they are on the team. These will be given to coaches at matches or mailed in a response to a recruiting letter. A network has also been set up on the boys and girls sides that Texas Football Club has started in order to create a pipeline for college connections. These are college coaches that Texas Football Club have played for or against either on club, ODP or college level.

From a coaching standpoint, Texas Football Club was founded by men and women who were ready to give back to the sport, which helped them achieve high goals, travel the world and establish a love for the game of soccer.